Lol! I have an interesting story behind making the “Best Coyote calling sequence” article. You would not believe I was such a noob in Coyote hunting a few months. I did not know that a hunter needs to follow many strategies like knowing a good hunting place, having the proper equipment and with that equipment trying to create a proper Coyote calling sequence. I did not have any idea behind it and I always used to mess up things in the hunting and in the end, I used to come with empty hands.

So, I started meeting new people who are doing Coyote hunting for many years and they have good experience in it. I got in their group and got their friendship. They are very humble people who teach me everything about Coyote hunting like how to find the right hunting place, how to choose the right gear for Coyote calling, and how to create the proper Coyote calling sequence so you can attract Coyotes easily and other things. In this article, I will mainly focus on how we the hunter should create the best Coyote calling sequence so we could attract as many Coyotes as possible. Most important thing is to learn how you can hunt coyote in night.

How To Create The Best Coyote Calling Sequence If Your Gaming Call Have Dual Call Capabilities

If your predator gaming call device has a feature known as “Dual call capabilities” which lets you play two different animal sounds at the same time then you already have an advantage like you can create a staged distress call. You can also play single call but it will mostly not work because Coyotes are intelligent animals they might figure out that something is wrong.

So, it is always better to use two different animal sounds which will look more natural and increase the chances to attract Coyotes. For example, when I go to the Coyote hunting and use the “Dual call” feature, I usually use two calls combination:

#1. The first Coyote calling sequence is the combined sound of prey in distress (like a rabbit) with the sound of magpies or crows.

I am telling you about this call combination because it helped me in many hunts, I have caught many Coyotes just by using this call sequence. The reason this call is so successful is that it includes crows sound. For Coyotes, crows sounds are a good sign. If a Coyote is hearing a rabbit distress sound and Crows sounds as well. They will run over it as soon as possible.

You can also use other prey sounds instead of Rabbits calls which is an easy target for Coyotes. I recommended Rabbits calls because they are an easy target for Coyotes and there are high chances they will come out as soon as they hear it.

#2. The second Coyote calling sequence is the combined sound of short female howls and pup distress calls.

I also use this Coyote calling sequence a lot. It has helped me in getting many hunts. This call sequence demands more attention than the 1st one call. If you are planning to use this call then I will suggest you go with the solo male howl and then take a break and after few moments, play a female howl for few seconds, then after few seconds of playing the female howl, you can finally play the pup distress call.

If these two sequences do not work for you then you can play with other combinations as well like you can use any other prey sound in place of rabbit sound from your electric game call, and in the place of the crow sound, you can use any other sound.

This experiment will take some time but once you get to know how does this “dual call sequence” works, you will be able to attract more Coyotes. One more to keep in the mind is, use your electric coyote device volume according to the size of the field. I mean if the area you are hunting at is wide then you can just simply use your device at the full volume but if you are hunting in more surrounded areas then please avoid using high volume calls because Coyote might think, this sound is too loud.

So, What Is The Best Dual Call Sequence According To My Opinion?

If you ask me, I will highly suggest which I personally use as well to use distress prey calls and combine it with some environment sounds like you can use Magpies or Crows because Coyotes mostly follow Magpies or Crows when they go for the hunt. There is a saying in our hunting group “Every Coyote has a Magpie/Crow”.

It would be ideal to combine the sounds of Magpie or Crow with the prey distress, for distress, you can use a rabbit or any other small animal which could be an easy target for Coyotes. Few tips you should know about the calls:

  • Do not play the same sound in the loop or for too long. Coyotes are smart, they will understand it.
  • Avoid using too much volume calls in the not-so-wide hunting field and you should definitely use loud volume calls in the wide hunting field.

How To Create The Best Coyote Calling Sequence If Your Gaming Call Have Single Call Capabilities

First of all, if your pocket allows affording a dual call capability electric gaming call then you should definitely go with that because having a dual call capabilities device is a lot better than the single call capability device. But if your pocket does not allow then you do not need to worry, you are going to have the same amount of hunt as much as a dual call capability device users have.

#1. The first Coyote calling sequence I use is prey distress call or pup call

Believe me, this call sequence works if you are using a single call capability Coyote device. Coyotes are smart no doubt but they love easy food. So, if you use a prey distress call for example a rabbit distress call then it will run out for it. Rabbits are very easy targets. So, I mostly prefer or use Rabbits prey distress call and see the results.

You can also use Pup call as well. They are highly effective. There are multiple reasons for the Coyotes to come out on your pup calls. Those reasons could be territorial behavior, socialization, or parental instincts. You can take advantage of this Coyote behavior by playing the pup call and can catch some Coyotes.

Please do not use the prey distress call or the pup call for too long or in the loop. Coyotes are smart animals and they will recognize the loop calls.

#2. The second Coyote calling sequence I use is challenging howl

Coyotes sometimes love to challenge other predators of their league. You can take advantage of this trait by playing challenging howls. But this is not going to be easy as you might think. You have to use it tactically. But it also depends on their mood, so please do not expect to see desired results as sometimes it avoids being confronted.

If they want to challenge against your challenging howl then they will respond to it. Remember to keep your challenging call volume low as compared to them. This will made them think “the challenging animal” is scared. If this call does not work for half an hour then change it to the whines and whimpers. This will made them think the “the challenging animal” is now in distress.

Please do not use challenging howl for too long or in the loop. Coyotes are smart animals and they will recognize the loop calls.

So, What Is The Best Single Call Sequence According To My Opinion?

When I use a single call sequence for my hunt, I prefer to play prey distress calls first like Rabbits distress calls because they are easy targets for Coyotes. I also try pup distress call. I avoid going to the challenging howls first. These two calls attract Coyotes the most. I will recommend you to use the “expert hunt” feature if this feature is available on your device. Few tips I would like to tell you:

  • Avoid using the calls for too long and in loop.
  • Do not use high volume of calls in the surrounded field and definitely use high volume calls in the wide field.

Best Single Call Sequence and Dual Call Sequence E Game Call Device

If you have not brought or are confused about which game call you should buy? You should check our list of the best e gaming calls for hunting. We have tested every single product and made a review of it. Feel free to check them by clicking on the link below:

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Coyote calling sequence for hunts can be as simple or complex as you want, but the general rule is to call out “come out” three times before calling your prey. This will initiate the hunt and keep your prey close by, ready to pounce on them when they finally come out.


I tried my best to provide good information about the best Coyote calling sequence for both single call sequence and dual call sequence. It’s oblivious that dual call sequence has more advantages than the single call sequence device. But if you use the single call sequence device properly, you will see the result Feel free to ask me if you have any questions or ideas regarding this article in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you guys.

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