When it comes to electronic predator calls, the newer, flashier models tend to get all the attention. You can count on Johnny Stewart’s straightforward designs and features to endure for hours in the field and not let you down if you’re in the market for a trustworthy tool.

There are many johnny stewart call list that you can easily download from their official website. And start using this awesome predator caller. Johny stewart also has their customer care service center that you can visit or call for any assistance that you require.

Best Johnny Stewart Predator Calls (Coyote Game E Caller)

Johnny Stewart Predator Calls is a brand of hunting game calls that are specifically designed for calling predators, such as coyotes, foxes, and bobcats. These calls are used to mimic the sounds of prey, which can attract predators to the area where the hunter is located.

Johnny Stewart Predator Calls offers a wide variety of game calls, including electronic calls, hand calls, and mouth calls. Some of their most popular products include the Power Pro Convert-A-Call, the PT-3 Wicked Series, and the PC-1 Preymaster Digital Caller.

Electronic calls are pre-recorded sound libraries that can be played at the push of a button, and they can mimic a wide range of animal sounds, including distress calls and prey sounds. Hand calls and mouth calls, on the other hand, require the hunter to physically make the sounds themselves.

The goal of using a predator call is to lure the predator into range so that the hunter can take a shot. It’s important to note, however, that predator calling requires skill and knowledge, as predators can be difficult to attract and may be wary of human activity. It’s also important to follow all local hunting laws and regulations when using game calls.

High-quality Johnny Stewart Predator Attractor Electronic Caller

Hunters Specialties Johnny Stewart's Attractor with Remote Predator Caller (Includes Various Distress Calls)

 out of stock
as of June 2, 2023 5:41 pm


  • Handheld caller w/remote
  • Authentic Real Life Sounds
  • 180 Degree Pivoting Speaker
  • 16 Bit Sounds
  • 5 Preprogrammed Sounds

Johnny Stewart Predator Attractor has a remote control and five pre-programmed sounds that may be played indefinitely.

The speakers rotate, allowing you aim your music anywhere required. It retails significantly below $100, in the $10-$40 range.

Johnny Stewart Predator Attractor Max

Johnny Stewart Predator Attractor MAX by Hunter's Specialties

 out of stock
as of June 2, 2023 5:41 pm


  • Ten sound keys with ten pre-programed sounds
  • Runs up to 6-8 hours on a set of batteries
  • 20 step volume- up, down and stop

Johnny Stewart’s Predator Attractor Max is a basic predator call that performs just as promised. While the Predator Attractor Max lacks bells and whistles, you can rest certain that you will receive precisely what is advertised.

The Predator Attractor Max, which retails for less than $100, has a speaker and a remote control. It is pre-programmed with ten sounds. While there aren’t a lot of noises to pick from, the Predator Attractor Max shines in duration and sound quality.

A single pair of batteries powers this call for six to eight hours, and the 20 volume settings ensure that even far-off animals will be able to hear the crisp, clear voice.

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