So, you are planning to hunt down Coyotes at night, right? But do you have the right equipment for Coyote night hunting like the light because the Sun would be around you for the lights and the Moon light is not enough for that. Do not worry, I have got you covered in this scenario too.

I have tested many light for night hunting and found out that Orion M30C is the best for Coyote night hunting. Read our in-depth review on Orion M30C light to know what this is the best light for Coyote hunting at night and why I am recommending it for you as well.

Orion M30C Full Review: The Best Light For Coyote Hunting At Night

My Requirements

See, I am that type of person who do not compromise with the quality of the product. I wanted a light which fits perfectly for my requirements like how far the light can reach on the field, what color it is and how strong the light is on the field and many more things also I wanted a quality, lightweight, durable light which is easy to carry around the field and Orion M30C light fits the best.

My Experience with Orion M30C Light

Overall, the Orion M30C has all the main features but I liked 2 things the most about this light. The first feature I liked about the Orion M30C is that it has three different brightness settings which are very easy to use because all you need to do is just twist the light head and the brightness settings will change. The notable thing about this feature is that, the settings will be remain the same as you left like if you set the brightness settings to any of the three settings, it will remain the same even if you switch it off and switch it on. Keep in mind that, the higher is the brightness of the light, the faster will battery drain out.

The second feature I like the most is the maximum brightness of the light can be reach to 700 lumens which means it can reach to 377 yards. According to my personal experience, the 377 yards light range is more than enough we need. We hunters usually do not set the lights at that far way. We barely use the light for that far distance but its good to have it as a option. The light is so bright that you can see clearly in the night around you. You can easily notice the Coyotes in the field and can take down them effortlessly.

The battery life of the light is decent and lasts quite long. But I will recommend you to take a spare set of battery along with you for uninterrupted hunting. You have few settings to choose from, 400 lumens last 4.5 hours, 75 lumens lasts for 22 hours and if set the 700 lumens, it will last for 1.8 hours. So, a spare of battery set is must.

Orion M30C Light Key Features

Orion M30C Light Battery

When I opened the box of the Orion M30C light, I got two very good quality of batteries with a smart charger. Orion M30C light’s battery are rechargeable up to 500 times that means you can recharge them again and again for 500 times which is a good trait of high quality batteries. These batteries lasts quite long so yo do not have to worry about that much and you will have a spare battery as well so you can charge them again and again with the help of the smart charger. The charger comes with an AC and a car adapter that means you can charge the batteries almost anywhere. The smart charger stops overcharging, it keeps monitoring the battery charging status and when it gets 100%, it automatically stops charging. With the help of this feature, the battery life of the Orion M30C light extends.

Orion M30C Light Body

Now, let’s talk about the size of the Orion M30C light. When I took out the Orion M30C light from the box, I felt it was small, compact and portable. I could easily move around with the light. Orion M30C light’s dimension are as follows, the head of the Orion M30C light is 2.5 inches and the tail of the Orion M30C light is 1 inch. The total length of the Orion M30C light is 6 inches.

The thing which impressed me most is, it is waterproof so you can use the light in the rainy or snow season as well other than that Orion M30C light is very light in weight. The whole unit weighs around 7.6 oz. The body of the Orion M30C light is light weight but durable and sturdy. Just a little bit of care and it will be with you for a very long time.

The only downside I found in the Orion M30C light which got me quite upset and wished to be in the device is the angle of the beam of the light is not adjustable. You have to adjust the angle of the beam of the light by yourself every time when you are going to set the position.

Orion M30C Light Attachment

Orion M30C light is not done with the features now. One of the highlighted feature of the Orion M30C light is you can mount the light anywhere you want with the help of the attachments it comes along. You will get all the parts and the attachments to mount the Orion M30C light anywhere you want like on the gun, scope, barrel or rail. Also, you will get a dual control pressure switch which has a push button and a remote pressure pad. With the help of the switch, you can turn on the light at any certain amount of time.

Orion M30C Light Pros and Cons

Now, I will try to explain the pros and cons of the Orion M30C light. We all know nothing is perfect, everything has some good features and some not so good features. Overall, the Orion M30C light is great but there are few cons which I would like to address along with the pros.

Orion M30C Light Pros

  • Orion M30C light is compact and durable. Its body is also sturdy. Just a little bit of care and it will be with you for a very long time.
  • The light coming out of the Orion M30C light is very bright, it can reach at a distance up to 377 yards.
  • With the help of the light, you can clearly see what is going around the field. You would not feel a need of a Sun in the night.
  • The Orion M30C light is so compact in the size that it does not get noticed by the predators. There are few animals which notice the light and they are small prey like rabbits and deer which is not a big deal.
  • The Orion M30C light is very light weight, you can easily mount it on the riffle and it will not add too much weight to it.
  • According to my experience, the green and the red light works just perfect. You can use anyone, it completely depends on your choice.
  • You will get three different brightness settings in the Orion M30C light. You can switch between them according to your hunting preference.
  • You will also get two high quality batteries along with the light, these batteries are rechargeable up to 500 times and battery life is quite long.
  • You will also get a smart charger to charge these batteries. Along with the smart charger, you will also get an AC and car adaptor.
  • A great mounting kit come with the Orion M30C light so you can mount the light to any device of place.
  • The Orion M30C light is affordable.
  • These features makes the Orion M30C light one of the best light for the night Coyote hunting.

Orion M30C light Cons

  • One thing I noticed which is a turn off to me is, the head of the light is quite big for the barrel connecting piece.
  • The angle of the beam of the light is not adjustable. You have to put a lot of effort to change the direction of the beam.
  • Also, you can not change colors. One light provides one color.


I have tested the Orion M30C light many times in the night Coyote hunting. It is one of the best light for the night hunt. It is loaded with amazing features which comes handy while hunting. I did not find any other light providing these number of features together at this price. I would highly recommend you this light for the night Coyote hunt you would not feel disappointed.

This was my review on the Orion M30C light so far. Fee free to ask if you have any queries or doubt regarding Orion M30C light in the comment section below. I would love to interact with you guys and try my best to solve your query.

Happy and Safe Hunting

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