Are you planning to go for the Coyote hunt at night? I warn you, the nighttime could be totally different than the daytime. They are wild animals so they are more active at the night as compared to the day. If you are going to do coyote hunting at the night then I will highly recommend you to read our article to get a proper roadmap on how should things can be there so you would be prepared.

I have been doing Coyote hunting at night so I am pretty much aware of the things that happen there. So, without wasting a single minute, let’s dive into it.

#1. Use An Electric Predator Call

You might be thinking is it even a question? I know it is not but I have heard that some hunters use Traditional calls on their hunting which is way more dangerous than they are thinking. If you use that device, you will be the target of attack so I will highly recommend you to go with an electric predator call for the Coyote night hunting, you will be far from the main unit so you would be safer that way.

Also, these electric predators devices like FoxPro, ICOtec, or Primos are loaded with tons of features like 10+ different animal sounds, decoy attachment along with other features which help a lot to catch our hunt. To distinguish which electric game call is best for you, you can check our articles on that. We have done the review on over 12 different game calls.

#2. Keep Noticing The Moon Phase

If you are planning to hunt down Coyotes in the night, the new moon is the best time to do it. In the new moon, most of the Coyote hunts happens. Remember, Coyotes are very smart animals and they have far better night vision than a human being. So, you have to do your best and I want to warn you, do not, I repeat do not go alone in the night hunting. Always go with a partner or group of hunters. I will explain in brief in the next step.

#3. Do not Go Alone, Go With A Partner

I will not recommend you to go alone on a Coyote hunt especially at night. Wild animals are more active and aggressive at the night and going alone is not safe at all. When I go on the hunt, I go with my partner and sometimes with my hunting group as well. Imagine, if you are going alone and you get hurt by any animal or you met with an accident there then how will save yourself.

This is why, a partner or group of people is recommended along with you so if you face any difficult situation, they can help you out there.

#4. Do The Research Before Going

Just do not do the mistake of what I did in the past. Avoid going to any place for the hunt if you do not know anything about it. You do not have any idea if you will find any Coyotes there. So, do proper research about the terrain where you are going to hunt. Like you need to explore the whole terrain by yourself so you get the idea which place you should choose for the hunt or if the number of Coyotes is high in that particular terrain or not.

We also need to check the weather patterns, temperatures, terrain, and many other things. These things should be in a right for good hunting, remember, Coyotes loves creeks, river-bottoms, and swampy terrains as their habitat, they also love to live near the sheep farms so you can choose a terrain near the sheep farms. Avoid hunting on windy nights, they can sense the smell.

#5. Use An Easy Distress Call

Coyotes always look for an easy target. I will advise you to go with the rabbit distress call, bird distress call or mice distress call. They will come out as soon as they hear the sound.

#6. Patience, a lot of Patience

Hunting means skills and patience, you need to learn to have patience. Please do not expect to see a Coyote as soon as you use the electric game call. Sometimes, you need to wait for more than 15 minutes. Waiting time could increase to 30 minutes as well. When I go to the hunt, I wait for around half an hour to see any Coyote movement.

#7. Keep The Electric Call At Height From Terrain

If the terrain you are hunting at is not flat, you can lift the electric game call at some height from the ground so the sound wave could go far away. You can keep the electric game call at the height by using three things:

  • Using the tripod feature: Many electric game calls come with tripod mount feature that means you can attach the main unit with a tripod and keep it at the height above the ground this way the sound waves travel farther.
  • Using a predator ladder: The thing is not all electric game call has the tripod mount feature so if your electric coyote calling device lacks that feature then you can use the predator ladder. It will keep your main unit above the ground for the better reach.
  • Hung Or Keep It Above Your Vehicle: If you can not afford the predator ladder then you can just hung the main unit using a strap on the tree or keep it above your vehicle. I just want to remind you that hunting from top of a vehicle is illegal in some states so check the state laws before doing that.

#8. Use The Right Coyote Hunting Light

You are going for the Coyote hunt at night and if you do not use the right light for the hunt you would not be able to do the hunt so I will highly suggest you use the best light for the Coyote night hunting and don’t worry, you do not need to go anywhere else to look for a good night light hunting.

According to my experience, The Orion M30C light is the best light for night hunting. I have tested it and it stood up to my expectation. You can check my complete review on the Orion M30C light. Feel free to ask me in the comment section below if you face any issues while choosing the right light for your Coyote night hunting.

#9. The Right Place To Hide

Coyotes are very smart animals. They love to spend most of the time in the woods rather than in the open field. They are well aware of the hunters. So, if you are planning to find a better place to get hide, try hiding in the woods rather than an open field.

#10. Decide Your Shooting Range Before Hunting

It’s important to have a well-measured distance from the main unit. Not too far away from the electronic game call or not too close to the main unit. If you go too far away from the source unit, you would not be able to shoot properly and if you get too close to the electric game call then your safety would be at risk. So, according to your skills, set a good shooting range and you will be able to do the hunting properly.


Those were my personal experiences tips for Coyote hunting at night. I have done much night hunting with my partners and I really enjoyed doing that. I would also recommend you to do so but first follow the rules and tips properly, we do not want you to get yourself hurt. Feel free to reach to me if you have any issues or queries with the article. We would love to interact with you guys.

Happy Hunting.

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