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Full Q&A about Colorado Coyote Hunting

Do you need a licence for coyote hunting in Colorado?

Coyote hunting is lawful in Colorado if you meet a number of requirements. Be sure to take your time and thoroughly review the information provided in the next sections.

  • There are permits specifically for “furbearers” that may be purchased. These allow you to hunt furbearing creatures such as coyotes, beavers, raccoons, foxes, bobcats, and more.
  • You do not need a small-game licence to hunt coyotes during big-game season, as long as you have an empty big-game licence for that season/unit. If you’re hunting with a big-game licence that hasn’t been filled, you must follow the restrictions of that licence to the letter. If you’ve used up all of your big-game hunting licences, you’ll need to buy another one for small-game hunting if you want to continue.
  • To hunt coyotes, you’ll need a small-game licence if you don’t already hold a big-game or furbearer-only licence.

Are Electronic Predator Calls allowed in Colorado?

Answer: Electronic game calls are approved for hunting furbearers.

Can you use a Coyote Decoy in Colorado?

Answer: Decoys are authorised.

Does Coyote hunting is authorised in Colorado during certain times of the year?

Yes, all year round!

When it comes to coyote hunting in Colorado, is there a bag limit?

There isn’t one.

What guns are permitted for shooting coyotes in Colorado?

Answer: You may use any conventional rifle, hand-held bow/crossbow, hand pistol, or shotgun.

What regulations are there concerning ammunition in Colorado?

A centerfire rifle > 0.23 calibre is absolutely prohibited during deer/elk seasons west of I-25 for hunting game birds, small animals, and furbearers, but not if you hold an open deer/elk licence for that season. A small-game licence is required.

Transporting coyote fur over state lines is subject to what rules?

In order to transport untagged carcasses, the licence holder must accompany the vehicle. Carcasses delivered by third-party carriers must have a photocopy of the licence. Coyote pelts do not required to be examined before to shipping or transit.

Is coyote hunting at night permissible in Colorado?

Answer: The following creatures can be hunted at night: coyote, raccoons, bobcats, striped skunks, beavers, and red, grey, and quick foxes.

The restrictions for artificial illumination varies for Private versus Public property.

  • Private lands: If you are hunting on private properties, you can use artificial light to hunt the species mentioned above, with permission of the proprietor.
  • To hunt in the dark on public grounds, you’ll need a permission from the district or wildlife department. It is definitely banned to hunt using a light attached to or projected from a vehicle.

When it comes to night hunting in Colorado, are there any guns restrictions?

Answer: For night hunting, you can use any rifle or bow/crossbow that has been permitted for use in daytime furbearer hunting. If you are hunting at night, the restrictions are different for Private versus Public land. See above.

Can you legally hunt from a car in Colorado?

Answer: You must possess a permit granted by a local wildlife management, who will issue the permission if vehicle hunting is judged necessary to safeguard property, crops, cattle, etc.

  • To this criterion, there is an important exemption provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). According to the ADA, hunters with disabilities can request the following accommodations:
  • Shooting from a stationary vehicle/OHV;\sUse of the vehicle outside to support a rifle, bow, or crossbow;
    Someone to help find and kill injured game.

Is there a bounty programme in Colorado?

Answer: No, Colorado does not have a bounty programme.

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