I have been doing coyote hunting for a couple of years now and in my hunting journey, I have come across many game calls. Now, I have made FOXPRO Banshee my hunting partner to see how does it go.

After using FOXPRO Banshee for the 2 months, I will try to explain The Good and The Bad Things in my FOXPRO Banshee in-depth review.

The FOXPRO Banshee is an electronic game call designed for predator hunting. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry into the field, and features a user-friendly design that allows for easy operation.

The FOXPRO Banshee comes pre-loaded with 100 high-quality predator calls, including coyote, bobcat, fox, and raccoon calls. The calls are realistic and clear, with a loud and clear sound that can attract predators from a distance. The device also has a built-in speaker that is directional, which can help direct the sound to where you need it to go.

One of the key features of the FOXPRO Banshee is its remote control. The remote has a range of up to 200 yards, which allows you to operate the call from a distance and adjust the volume, pitch, and other sound parameters. Additionally, the remote is backlit, which makes it easy to use in low light conditions.

The FOXPRO Banshee is also durable and weather-resistant, which makes it suitable for use in a range of hunting environments. It is powered by four AA batteries, which are easy to replace and can provide up to 10 hours of continuous use.

Overall, the FOXPRO Banshee is a good option for hunters who are looking for a high-quality and versatile electronic game call for predator hunting. While it may be a bit more expensive than some budget-friendly options, it comes with a wide range of pre-loaded calls and a remote control, which can be valuable tools for attracting predators in a variety of hunting situations.

FOXPRO Banshee

Get It Now

  • 100 Preloaded Sound
  • Value For Money
  • Up to 300 Yards Remote Range

Good Decision to Buy

The Good

  • 100 Preloaded Sound
  • Fully Remote Controlled
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Auxiliary Jack

The Bad

  • Decoy

Key Features of FOXPRO Banshee

  • Best Sound Quality: The sound that comes out of the FOXPRO Banshee is real and loud.
  • Connectivity: There are a total of 4 ports in the main unit, one port is the auxiliary jack, the second port is the external speaker jack, the third port is the charge jack and the final jack is the USB port on the side of the main unit.
  • Remote Control: The TX9 remote is simple and its graphical interface makes it easy to use.
  • Animal Sound: FOXPRO Banshee comes with 100 different animal calls and you can add up to 200 different animal calls.
  • FoxBang Feature: It is one of the best features in the FOXPRO Banshee. When you discharge your firearm, it automatically switches to the first preset.

My Experience With FOXPRO Banshee Electronic Call

Personally, I have been a fan of the FOXPRO products. The way their products work and their quality always attract me. This is my personal experience sharing with you guys with the FOXPRO Banshee.

The main unit is compact, you can easily move with it by holding it in just one hand. it just weighs around 3 pounds including batteries.

The main unit has 4 ports. These ports are as follows: One port is an Auxiliary port, the second port is to connect an external speaker, the third port is a charge port and the fourth port is a USB port to add more calls to the main unit.

There are 100 pre-build sound/calls in the main unit but you can increase the number to 200 calls of your favorite ones. Currently, I have around 120 calls in my main unit.

The TX-9 remote controller is one of the best remote controllers for any game call. It uses 10 AA batteries for its operation. You can also use a lithium rechargeable battery pack. I also noticed that the TX-9 remote can control the main device at a distance of up to 300 yards.

One of the main and important features for me is the FOXBANG feature. It enhances my hunting experience. This is how it works. I have to set one call as Preset 1. So, when I discharge the firearm, the FOXBANG feature automatically switches to preset 1 and the second call starts playing.

Overall, my experience was pretty amazing with the FOXPRO Banshee. I hunted few coyotes and it was a fun ride. I will use it again in the future.

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Sound Quality

The sound quality of the FOXPRO Banshee is natural. It was really hard for me to decide whether the sound coming out is from the device or from the real animal. The inbuilt speaker is very loud, you can easily hear the calls up to 150 yards.


Let’s talk about the connectivity of the FOXPRO Banshee. For connectivity, you will get 4 ports. One port is an Auxiliary port which you can use to plugin a decoy to it. The second port is for an external speaker, you can easily connect an external speaker for louder calls, the third port is a USB port, which will allow you to program the calls like adding or deleting calls and the last port is the charge port, we all know what this port does.

Remote Control

The TX-9 remote controller is quite amazing. You can control the whole main unit with the help of it. The remote range is up to 300 yards. It takes 10 AA batteries to operate. The graphical interface of the remote makes it easy to use. There is a backlight on the LCD screen which makes it easier to use at the night.

The buttons are well labeled, the user can easily understand the whole remote in just a couple of minutes and you can also program these buttons.

Animal Sound

Animal sounds are pretty amazing of the FOXPRO Banshee. it almost feels real. You will get 100 animal calls built-in in the main unit but you can increase its number to 200 calls.


I really liked this feature. This feature makes the FOXPRO Banshee stands out from the crowd. It enhanced my hunting experience. Let me explain how does the FOXBANG feature work. You need to set a call to preset 1. Once you discharge your firearm, the FOXBANG feature will automatically switch the call to the preset 1 call.

FOXPRO Banshee Rating Bar

Product Rating Meter

Pros & Cons Of FOXPRO Banshee Call


  • The device is very compact and easy to use.
  • You can add up to 200 animal calls to it.
  • The remote control range is up to 300 yards.
  • The TX-9 remote controller is very easy to use. and its buttons are programmable.
  • The calls coming out of the main unit are loud and clear.
  • Its FOXBANG feature.


  • There is no decoy in the box, you have to buy a separate one.
  • At higher volume, the calls are not that clear.

So, Should You Buy FOXPRO Banshee?

I think you should. If FOXPRO Banshee fits in your budget, you should definitely go with it. It has amazing features built-in like the FOXBANG feature, up to 200 call storage, important ports, and many more.


This was my FOXPRO Banshee review. I tried to cover all the bad and the good things possible while using it for 2 months straight for my hunting. If you want to share something with us like your FOXPRO Banshee experience or anything else, feel free to contact me in the comment section.

FOXPRO Banshee Detailed Review

  • Animal Sound Quality
  • Connectivity
  • Features
  • Price


I liked FOXPRO Banshee a lot. I will definitely use it for my upcoming hunting events. You guys can also go with it if it fits in your budget.

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