So, I have been using and testing Foxpro HammerJack for the past 4 months. Deep-down, I knew that Foxpro HammerJack is going to be good after all it’s a FOXPRO product. However, I could not stop myself to write my personal Foxpro HammerJack review on my blog.

I will try to explain every aspect of the Foxpro HammerJack in this article, like what are the Pros and the Cons of the Foxpro HammerJack game call and Should you buy it for your hunting? Stay tuned to find out.

FoxPro HammerJack

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  • 2 Speakers
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • 211 Preloaded Sounds

Good Decision to Buy

The Good

  • 211 Preloaded Sound
  • Fully Remote Controlled
  • Decoy
  • 2 Speakers
  • Comes with 3 years Of Warranty

The Bad

  • Waterproof

Key Features of FoxPro HammerJack

  • Sound Quality: Foxpro HammerJack game call produces real-like and natural sound of the animals.
  • Connectivity: You will get two ports to connect external equipment like you will get two headphone jacks to connect external speakers and one Auxiliary jack to connect a decoy.
  • Remote Control: A remote controller with a large LCD screen panel and plenty of buttons that make you handling the main unit super easy.
  • Animal Sound: Foxpro HammerJack comes with 211 different animal sounds but you can add up to 300 different animal sounds.
  • Other Features: Foxpro HammerJack comes with plenty of amazing features like FOXCAST and FOXBANG which I will explain below.

My Personal Experience With FoxPro HammerJack After 4 Months

For the last 4 months, I have been with my Foxpro HammerJack game call for all my hunts. In this section of my Foxpro HammerJack review, I will explain my personal experience with it.

In the Foxpro HammerJack package, you will get an Auxiliary jack, a USB, and a charging jack. With the help of a charging jack, you can charge your main unit, with the help of an Auxiliary jack, you can attach a decoy to it, and with the help of a USB, you can reprogram the calls.

Foxpro HammerJack’s dimensions are 10 x 8 x 8 inches and it weighs around 2.5 lbs. I got a total of 211 pre-installed calls in it, of which 100 were premium Foxpro sounds and 111 were additional free sounds. By the way, you can store up to 300 calls in it.

There are two speakers built-in in the main unit and it produces one of the best neat and real sounds. The rear cone speaker produces low frequency sounds like Owl, Bear, and Mountain lion sounds whereas the front speaker produces high frequency sounds like Coyote and Rabbit sounds.

Let’s talk about the amazing remote controller of the Foxpro HammerJack. The remote controller has a large LCD panel which makes navigation easy, it has also 2 presets buttons too along with other buttons.

Those were an overview of all the features of the Foxpro HammerJack game call. Stay tuned to get an in-depth Foxpro HammerJack review which is just below.

In-Depth FoxPro HammerJack Review

Sound Quality

It is loud and clear. The sound quality of the Foxpro HammerJack is very loud, you can get pretty loud sounds on windy or rainy days too. The sound coming from the 2 speakers is genuine-like.


The connectivity feature plays a very important role in being a great product. For example, in Foxpro HammerJack, you will get different types of connectivity options like you will get 2 ports for connectivity. One port is to connect external speakers for louder sounds. With the help of a headphone jack, you can connect up to 2 external speakers for louder sounds, the second port is an Auxiliary port, which is used to connect a decoy to it.

Remote Control

You can control the whole main unit functions with the help of its remote controller. So, let me try to elaborate on the remote controller features to you. You will get 2 presets buttons to set your presets along with other normal remote control buttons like volume buttons to adjust the volume level of calls, a mute button to mute the call, and more like these. The main unit is controllable up to a distance of 300 yards.

You will also get a large LCD panel on the remote where you can monitor all the activity of the unit. It makes the navigation very easy. One more thing, with the help of the red backlight in the panel, you can hunt in the night without facing any trouble. You can adjust the brightness level from 10% to 100%.

Animal Sound

Let’s discuss the heart of this game call, the animal sounds. In the Foxpro HammerJack game call, you will get 211 pre-installed calls. In 211 calls, you will get 100 premium Foxpro sounds and 111 additional free sounds. They sound neat and feel original.

You can increase the number of calls if you wish, you can store up to 300 calls in this unit and these are some sound you will get with the main unit:

  • Buck Fight
  • Buck Grunts
  • Antler Rattling
  • Siren Coyote Pup Distress
  • Buck Snort and much more


You can not deny how awesome the speakers of Foxpro HammerJack are. Let me tell you how. You will get dual amplified horn and cone speakers that produce low-frequency sound and high-frequency sound to attract more predators.

The front horn speaker produces high frequency distress calls like Rabbits and Coyote and the rear cone speaker produces low frequency distress calls like Mountain Lion sounds, Bear growls and Owl sounds,

You can also add two external speakers with the help of a port to enhance the sound.


With the help of Foxcast feature, you can program a sequence of calls by choosing sounds from your library, the volume of it, the number of silence, and the number of repetitions (according to your requirements).

You can choose your favorite calls and play them all together or random depending upon your requirements. For me, it is one of the important features of hunting.


Foxbang feature is one of the most used and famous features of Foxpro product. If this feature is on and you discharge your firearm, the Foxbang feature will automatically switch your current running call to one of your presets with the help of a sensor. It looks more natural and genuine in that way.


I think, this is my first game call review, where I am getting a decoy attached to a unit. Until now, I had to buy a separate decoy for all my game calls whether it’s a Foxpro product or of any other company. Anyways, you will get Foxjack 4 decoy with a fuzzy topper which is top build quality made and is programmable.


If we talk about the battery used in Foxpro HammerJack, it takes 11 batteries to run both the main unit and remote control. If you use high-quality batteries, you can get up to 7 hours of runtime.


Foxpro HammerJack comes with a 3 year of warranty.

FoxPro HammerJack Rating Bar

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Pros & Cons Of FoxPro HammerJack Device


  • Foxpro HammerJack is easy to carry and easy to use.
  • The sound coming out of the main unit are crisp, loud, and clear.
  • You can store up to 300 different calls.
  • Remote control has a large LCD screen
  • Foxpro HammerJack comes with a well-built decoy
  • It has 3 years warranty.
  • Foxpro HammerJack is loaded with features like Foxbang and Foxcast.


  • Foxpro HammerJack is not waterproof so be careful in rainy or wet weather.
  • It can not play 2 sounds simultaneously.
  • Average battery range.
  • Lack of tripod mount feature

So, Should You Buy FoxPro HammerJack?

Foxpro HammerJack is loaded with features like Foxbang and Foxcast which really helps in hunting by improving the odds of success. The fact that you can connect 2 external speakers to increase the sound is a good thing for me. If I was at your place who do hunting quite often then I would definitely go with Foxpro HammerJack game call because it is one of the best game calls I have ever used.


So, my fellows, this was my personal review of Foxpro HammerJack after spending months with it. I really enjoyed my hunting with it. Feel free to use it or if you have any doubt or queries, reach out to me. You can comment below, I will surely connect with you as soon as possible.

FoxPro HammerJack Detailed Review

  • Animal Sound Quality
  • Connectivity
  • Easy To Use
  • Price


I am pretty much in favor of buying Foxpro HammerJack game call. No doubt, it is quite expensive. than other game calls but you also can not deny that it has more features than other game calls in the market.

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