I’ve heard a lot about ICOtec GC300 from my fellow hunters, they said it is one of the best affordable predator electronic calls in the market. So, I decided to try it out by myself and see how good the ICOtec GC300 call really is. With the help of its accessories you can also up your game very easily.

I’ll try to share my whole experience with the ICOtec GC300, What It Was Like To Use ICOtec GC300, What Things I Like and didn’t Like About ICOtec GC300 electronic predator call.

ICOtec GC300

Get It Now

  • 12 Preloaded Sound
  • Value For Money
  • 2 Calls Simultaneously

Good Decision to Buy

The Good

  • 12 Preloaded Sound
  • Fully Remote Controlled
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Durable ABS Plastic

The Bad

  • No Decoy
  • Can’t Add Calls

Key Features of ICOtec GC300

  • Best Sound Quality: ICOtec GC300’s calls are natural and loud.
  • Affordable: ICOtec GC300 is one of the cheapest predator calls in the market right now.
  • Remote Control: ICOtec GC300’s remote controller is very easy to use and its range can go up to 300 yards.
  • Animal Sound: ICOtec GC300 comes with 12 different animal sounds.
  • 2 Calls Simultaneously: You can use 2 calls at the same time to enhance your hunt.

My Experience With ICOtec GC300 Electronic Predator Call

One of my friends and the fellow hunter was using ICOtec GC300 on his hunt and he recommended me to give it a try as it is a very affordable predator call. So, here is my review of the ICOtec GC300 predator call.

At first sight, ICOtec GC300 looks very compact and handy. I could easily move with it by holding it in just one hand with the help of the curved handle on the unit.

The main unit can run 2 calls simultaneously which means you can run 2 calls at the same time which will really help in your hunt. Its 15-watt speaker can crank up to 120 decibels of noise (which is really loud) and it is easily hearable from a distance up to 150 yards.

Let’s talk about the body of the ICOtec GC300 calls list. Its main unit is made up of durable ABS plastic which is tough in the field. During my hunting period, it played well without getting any damage to its body. There is also a caddy made on the side of the main unit to hold the remote so you don’t lose it.

In order to start the main unit, I had to remove the remote control and flip the power switch to ON. When the unit is ON, it was showing the red indicator light glowing.

Be sure to flip up the antenna on the both main unit as well as remote controller.

To begin, select a call on the remote and press the button, you can also add an additional call by adding an additional button that will let your unit play 2 calls simultaneously. With the help of buttons like Volume Up, Volume Down, and Stop, you can control the main unit.

The ICOtec GC300 runs on 4 AA batteries and its remote uses a 23 A battery. I forgot to mention one feature of the remote controller, you can control the main unit at a distance of 300 yards.

In-Depth ICOtec GC300 Review Manual

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the ICOtec GC300 device is pretty good and loud. It’s hard to differentiate between a real animal sound and the sound coming out of the ICOtec GC300. This is the best decoy of coyote’s you will ever get.

Remote Controller

ICOtec GC300 comes with a compact and a very easy to use remote controller. You can access all the 12 calls with the help of the button available on the remote controller. The remote controller uses a 23 A battery. You can control the main unit with the help of the remote at a range of 300 yards.

Affordable Price

ICOtec GC300 is one of the cheapest electronic predator game calls in the market. If your budget is quite tight, you can consider ICOtec GC300.

Animal Sound

You will get 12 animal calls list built into the main unit. The downside of it is, you can’t increase the number of calls in the unit. Here is the list of calls you will get in the build.

  • Coyote female
  • Coyote male
  • Coyote howl
  • Crow baby distress
  • Woodpecker distress
  • Raccoon baby distress
  • Bobcat adult
  • Cottontail distress
  • Coyote pup distress
  • Fawn distress
  • Gray Fox distress
  • Jackrabbit distress

Build Quality

The main unit is made up of durable ABS plastic which is really tough especially in the field. I used it a lot and if I ignore some scratches, it just looks like a new one. There is also a round handle on the top of the main unit. With the help of it, you can lift the main unit and can move easily. You won’t lose the remote control with the convenient remote caddy located on the side of the unit.


The ICOtec GC300 has a 15-watt speaker that can deliver up to 120 decibels of sound. One can easily hear the sound coming out of the device at a distance of 150 yards.

2 Calls Simultaneously

One of the best features of the ICOtec GC300 is you can run 2 calls simultaneously. Not all the game calls have this feature, which could be really helpful. All you have to do is just play any of the sounds and press another button to play 2 sounds at the same time.


ICOtec GC300 comes with a 1 year of warranty.

ICOtec GC300 Rating Bar

Product Rating Meter

Pros & Cons Of ICOtec GC300


  • ICOtec GC300 is very portable and easy to use.
  • The calls coming out of the main unit can reach up to 150 yards.
  • The remote controller has a range of 300 yards that means you can control the main unit at a distance of 300 yards.
  • One of the affordable game call in the market.
  • You can play 2 calls at the same time.


  • You can’t add new calls to it.
  • There is no port for the decoy.

So, Should You Buy ICOtec GC300?

See, if you need a decent game call device that just works and should be affordable in price then look no further, ICOtec GC300 is the best device for you. ICOtec GC300 is cheap, comes with all necessary features, and works just awesome.


I tried the ICOtec GC300 device for quite some time for my hunting and I find it interesting. Few important features are missing like the decoy port but the price rate at which it is being sold is totally worth it. If your budget is under $100 then you should definitely consider this game call. You will not be disappointed.

ICOtec GC300 Detailed Review

  • Animal Sound Quality
  • Features
  • Build Quality
  • Price


ICOtec GC300 game call is one of the best affordable in the market right now. If you are looking for a budget electronic predator device this is the perfect choice for you.

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