If you follow my blog you would have gotten an idea about my hunting habit. I do hunting with the help of different game calls and share my experience with you guys here on Coyotecalls.xyz.

For few days, I have been spending my time with ICOtec GC350 electric game call and found out few good things and few bad things about the ICOtec GC350 game call which I will try to explain in this article and at last, I would share my opinion on Should you purchase it or not?

The ICOtec GC350 is an electronic game call designed for predator hunting. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry into the field, and features a user-friendly design that allows for easy operation.

The ICOtec GC350 comes pre-loaded with 24 high-quality predator calls, including coyote, bobcat, fox, and raccoon calls. The calls are realistic and clear, with a loud and clear sound that can attract predators from a distance. The device also has a built-in speaker that is directional, which can help direct the sound to where you need it to go.

One of the key features of the ICOtec GC350 is its remote control. The remote has a range of up to 300 yards, which allows you to operate the call from a distance and adjust the volume, pitch, and other sound parameters. Additionally, the remote is backlit, which makes it easy to use in low light conditions.

The ICOtec GC350 also has a unique feature called the “No Distortion” speaker system, which ensures that the sounds played are clear and realistic. This can help improve your chances of attracting predators and making a successful hunt.

The ICOtec GC350 is also durable and weather-resistant, which makes it suitable for use in a range of hunting environments. It is powered by four AA batteries, which are easy to replace and can provide up to 24 hours of continuous use.

Overall, the ICOtec GC350 is a great option for hunters who are looking for a compact and easy-to-use electronic game call for predator hunting. While it may not have as many features as some higher-end models, it is priced affordably and can still be effective for attracting predators. The “No Distortion” speaker system is also a unique and valuable feature that can help improve your chances of making a successful hunt.

ICOtec GC350

Get It Now

  • 24 Preloaded Sound
  • Auxiliary Jack
  • 300 Yards Remote Range

Good Decision to Buy

The Good

  • 24 Preloaded Sound
  • Fully Remote Controlled
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Very Easy To Use
  • 300 Yards Remote Range

The Bad

  • Decoy

Key Features of ICOtec GC350

  • Best Sound Quality: ICOtec GC350 game call device produces 24 real animal sounds.
  • Connectivity: There is a port for other device connectivity like external speakers for a loud sound. You can add an additional speaker with the help of a 3.5mm Auxiliary jack.
  • Remote Control: A very easy-to-use graphical interface remote controller which can control the main device at a distance of 300 yards.
  • Animal Sound: ICOtec GC350 comes with pre-installed 24 different animal sounds the problem is you can not add more new sounds.
  • Value For Money: ICOtec GC350 is worth your money.

My Experience With ICOtec GC350 Coyote Hunter

ICOtec GC350 is one of those few game calls which I find very useful after a very long time in my hunting sessions. It is very lightweight, it only weighs around 1.9 lbs and its dimensions are 8x4x6 inches which makes it very easy to carry. There is also a round handle on the top with a nob of the main unit which makes the main unit very easy to carry.

ICOtec GC350 comes with 24 calls only which are programmable which means you can add or remove any calls and add a new one. You can attract Crow, Bobcat, Woodpecker, Owl, Snow Geese, and even a Wild Turkey. It has only 1 speaker of 15-watt capacity which I found quite loud enough for my hunting.

The remote range of ICOtec GC350 is 300 yards which are enough for a hunter like me. It takes a 12-Volt A23 battery to operate, and there are 12 call buttons set up as A or B to get a total of 24 calls.

There are two ports in the main unit of the ICOtec GC350 game call. One port is to connect an external speaker for more loud noise, the second port is an AUX port, you can use this port to connect a decoy for better hunting.

ICOtec GC350 comes with a tripod mount for better sound coverage. Thank GOD, the tripod mount feature was there, it helped me a lot in my hunting.

In-Depth ICOtec GC350 Review

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the ICOtec GC350 is very good, it is very hard to differentiate between the real animal sound and the ICOtec GC350 game call. With the help of a 15-watt speaker, the sound coming out of the ICOtec GC350 is quite loud. For most of the hunting, I didn’t feel the need of having another speaker, 1 was enough for me.


Let’s talk about the connectivity of the ICOtec GC350 game call. There are mainly two ports in the main unit, one port is an Auxiliary port and the second port is to connect an external speaker with it. An Auxiliary port is used to attach a decoy for a better hunting experience, unfortunately, no decoy comes with the box, you have bought it additionally.

The second port is to connect an external speaker with it, in case you are hunting on a large field and the sound coming out of the 15-watt speaker is low, so you can add an external speaker with the main unit and can increase the level of noise. Personally, I didn’t feel the need of using an external speaker, for me the inbuilt one was enough.

Remote Control

After explaining the “Connectivity” feature of the ICOtec GC350, I’ll try to explain the remote of it, so you can get an overview of it. The remote range is around 300 yards that means you can control the main unit from a distance of 300 yards, usually, we hunters don’t sit that far away from the main unit.

The Remote control takes a 12-Volt A23 battery to get started, it has 12 call buttons set up as A and B to get a total of 24 calls. Buttons of the remote controller are quite sensitive to touch and easily pressed even with the slightest bump.

Animal Sound

As we already know that there are a total of 24 game calls inbuilt in the unit. The sound quality is super neat. Unfortunately, you can’t add more than 24 calls but these calls are programmable which means you can delete any animal sound and replace it with a new one by uploading it to the micro SD card.

With the help of animal calls, I was able to attract Crow, Bobcat, Woodpecker, Owl, Snow Geese, and a Wild Turkey.

Build Quality

ICOtec GC350’s build quality is quite tough, although it is not water-proof which can cause problems in wet weather. It is a durable and rugged unit. After my many hunting, there were only a few scratches on the body.


The main unit takes 4 AA batteries to start working, unfortunately, you will not get these batteries along with the box, you have to buy them separately.

The remote controller of the ICOtec GC350 unit takes a 12-Volt A23 battery which is included along with the box so you don’t have to buy it separately.

Tripod Mount Feature

I personally liked the Tripod mount feature and uses it quite often on my hunting. With the help of the tripod mount feature, you can keep your main unit at a height by attaching it to a tripod for better reach on the ground.


ICOtec GC350 comes with a 1 year of warranty.

ICOtec GC350 Rating Bar

Product Rating Meter

Pros & Cons Of ICOtec GC350 Device


  • ICOtec GC350’s design is simple and lightweight.
  • It has 24 popular built-in game calls.
  • The 15-Volt speaker is quite strong and produces loud sounds.
  • It has a tripod mount.
  • I think ICOtec GC350 is value for money.


  • The main unit’s batteries don’t come along.
  • You can not add more than 24 game calls.
  • There is no decoy that comes with the box, if you need one, you need to buy it.

So, Should You Buy ICOtec GC350?

If your priority is “value for money game call” then ICOtec GC350 is made for you. Under this price range, it is a solid buy. There are selective but important features like a wide remote range, a variety of game calls, an ON/OFF backlit button, lightweight and compact body.


After spending a couple of days with the ICOtec GC350 game call, I can clearly see it in my favorite list. The price at which this e-game call is available is going to attract many hunters. I will keep using it for my future hunting sessions.

ICOtec GC350 Detailed Review

  • Animal Sound Quality
  • Connectivity
  • Build Quality
  • Easy To Use


I am glad to find out ICOtec GC350 and it turned out to be amazing at a reasonable price range. It works great in every terrain I have been on. Few but needy features are there.

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