Not gonna lie, I have used many ICOtec game calls so my expectations were quite high with the ICOtec Outlaw game call too. I took it along with me on many hunting periods and used it quite often for a month. I am writing this review after using it for a month so if you are planning to buy a new ICOtec Outlaw game call then you should read this article.

I will try to share all the good things this ICOtec Outlaw game provided me in my hunting and what features I missed in the ICOtec Outlaw game call. It will clear all your doubts and give you a clear picture on should you buy it or not.

ICOtec Outlaw

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  • 240 Preloaded Sound
  • Simultaneous Calls
  • Decoy

Good Decision to Buy

The Good

  • 240 Preloaded Sound
  • Fully Remote Controlled
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Can Play Simultaneous Calls

The Bad

  • Build Quality

Main Key Features of ICOtec Outlaw

  • Best Sound Quality: ICOtec Outlaw game call produces a good and authentic sound of the animals.
  • Connectivity: In the ICOtec Outlaw game call, you will get two important and most used ports of all time in the hunting field. You will get one port named as an audio jack for connecting external speakers for louder sound and you will get another port named as Auxiliary jack for connecting a decoy with the main unit.
  • Remote Control: The remote controller of the ICOtec Outlaw game call device is a very easy-to-use graphical interface, remote controller. It is ergonomic in nature.
  • Animal Sound: ICOtec Outlaw comes with 240 different animal sounds but you can add up to 450 different animal sounds.
  • Decoy: ICOtec Outlaw game call comes with an electric decoy.

My Experience With ICOtec Outlaw Coyote Hunter.

I spend quite a good time with the ICOtec Outlaw game call. Here is my personal opinion about it.

The first thing that attracted my attention was the electric decoy. It’s quite strange to see a decoy comes along with a game called, not all game call provide a decoy. The AD500 electric decoy that comes with the ICOtec Outlaw is a good decoy. You can change its speed according to your convenience, it has a feather and fur on top to look more realistic.

In-Depth ICOtec Outlaw Review

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the ICOtec Outlaw game call device is pretty neat and loud. The 10-watt speaker produces a very loud sound with the help of acoustic foam. You barely need any external speaker for your hunt. The design of the ICOtec Outlaw is so unique that it helps the sound to be louder.


For connectivity, you are getting two ports. One port is an audio jack, in case you need an external speaker for louder sound then you can add an external speaker to the main unit with the help of the audio jack.

The other is an auxiliary jack, this port is to attach a decoy to the main unit. If you want to use a decoy for your hunting then you can use this port, Good news is that you will get a very good quality of the AD500 electric decoy with it, You can adjust the speed of the decoy and having a feather and fur on top helps the decoy to look more natural.

Remote Control

It is a well-made ergonomic remote controller. It can control the main unit from a distance of up to 300 yards. You will understand the whole mechanism of the remote controller in no time with the help of the easy design and big display.

Animal Sound

You will be getting 240 different animal sounds which is a lot of numbers of animal sounds. I never used enough sounds but it is better to have these number of sounds after all sounds play a very major role in choosing a good game call.

I forgot to tell you that you can play both mp3 and WAV audio files on the ICOtec Outlaw device. Very few game calls have any sound supporting formats and ICOtec Outlaw is one of them.

Build Quality

Unfortunately, the build quality of the ICOtec Outlaw game call is not that good. All things are good except the body of it. It looks like cheap plastic has been used while making it. I will work fine as the rest of the game calls but it just needs some extra care.


The battery life of the ICOtec Outlaw game call is pretty good. Good quality batteries can give you the whole day battery backup and still it would not be dead. ICOtec work on battery management is very impressive.

Simultaneous Calls Feature

Let me tell you about one of the amazing features of the ICOtec Outlaw game call, it is simultaneously playing two sounds at the same time. This feature is very important in hunting from my perspective. I often use the simultaneously call feature for my hunting.

Remote Range

ICOtec Outlaw’s remote range is very good. You can easily control the main unit from a long distance, up to 300 yards.

ICOtec Outlaw Rating Bar

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Pros & Cons Of ICOtec Outlaw Device


  • You will get 240 high quality different animal sound and you can increase the number to 450 sounds.
  • The 10-watt speaker is very loud.
  • You will get an electric decoy along with the main unit.
  • The remote control is very easy to use and have a range up to 300 yards.
  • The battery life of the ICOtec Outlaw game call is long lasting.
  • You can play two sounds together at the same time.


  • I feel like the decoy is a little bit noisy.
  • The build quality of the main body is not high quality. It needs more care.
  • I think ICOtec Outlaw game call is quite overpriced

So, Should You Buy ICOtec Outlaw?

If you want to buy it, you can go with it. See, this is not the “best” game call in the market now. It has some flaws but it also has some good features too. If you ignore the build quality then it could be a very good choice for hunting purposes. If you have particular this game call in mind then you can go with it.


Guys, I tried my best to give you an explanation about the ICOtec Outlaw game call. I pointed out the good features about the call like good battery life, two songs playing at the same time and other features and I also pointed out the flaws like quite pricy, cheap body plastic. If you ask me, I will not deny buying it.

ICOtec Outlaw Detailed Review

  • Animal Sound Quality
  • Connectivity
  • Build Quality
  • Easy To Use


I am not fully impressed by the ICOtec Outlaw game call but it gets the job done. I felt that it is a little bit pricy, otherwise, it is a very good game call. I will consider it using it again in the future.

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