As for MFK,

Made for Killing Game Calls, or MFK, is best known for selling high-quality diaphragm mouth calls for hunting game and predators. MFK is also known as MFK. If that wasn’t enough, they also have their own sound library with recordings of all of their most popular phone calls.

However, these calls are only for programmable FOXPRO Electronic Game Calls. You need to know that the MFK Sounds you buy will only work with FOXPRO calls. They won’t work with any other electronic caller brands, so you need to know that.

A group of people who work for MFK and FOXPRO together

FOXPRO is known for making animal sounds that are 100% real. Some people might be surprised by the partnership. There isn’t anything on the FOXPRO website about MFK calls. MFK only released their digital sounds with the FOXPRO encryption.

MFK will still be the place where you buy and download the calls for your FOXPRO digital caller, so you will still need to go there.

MFK Game E Calls is a brand of electronic game calls designed specifically for predator hunting. These calls are created by the company MFK Game Calls, which was founded by predator hunter Marlin Watkins.

MFK Game E Calls offer a range of electronic calls that are designed to mimic the sounds of various prey, including rabbits, rodents, and birds. The calls are pre-programmed and can be played at the push of a button, with some models also offering the ability to program custom calls.

One of the key features of MFK Game E Calls is their sound quality. These calls are designed to be loud and clear, with high-fidelity audio that is meant to attract game from a distance. Additionally, some models offer advanced sound-shaping features that allow hunters to adjust the pitch, volume, and other aspects of the call to better match the hunting conditions.

MFK Game E Calls also offers a range of accessories, including external speakers and remote controls, to help hunters customize and enhance their calling setup. The brand has a strong reputation among predator hunters, and their calls are known for being effective and reliable in the field.

Overall, if you are a predator hunter looking for a high-quality electronic game call, MFK Game E Calls could be a good option to consider. However, as with any hunting equipment, it’s important to consider factors such as budget, hunting style, and experience level before making a purchase.

Music from MFK and FOXPRO’s Sounds Library

The price of the MFK sounds ranges from $2.99 to $7.99. Most of them are sold for $4.99.

They also have bundle pack options if you’re new to hunting or just want to get a lot of the MFK sounds at once. These will help you make some great call sequences.

To buy a FOXPRO Digital Game Caller that comes with MFK sounds, you can buy some models from the MFK website.

MFK and ICOtec are no more.

In the past, people who hunted coyotes might have heard sounds called “MFK / ICOtec.” These sounds have been replaced by other sounds.

An electronic coyote call from ICOtec

In August 2015, ICOtec and MFK announced that they were going to work together. You can still find the video on Youtube if you want to see it. The diaphragm calls of MFK fans who might not have been able to use them were now available to them. People who wanted to be more creative with their call sequences while still keeping the MFK sound were also able to use the calls.

It also helped ICOtec, a new brand in the game call market, get people to try their new electronic predator callers that were not yet as popular or well known as they are now.

For a few years, the two people worked together. Before 2018, MFK wrote on Facebook about their split from ICOtec and how they were going to start over with FOXPRO. They said the main reason was because they didn’t like ICOtec’s new way of encrypting sound files.

Older ICOtec callers only have the.ico MFK sound files because they changed the design of their callers in late 2018. You can only find the MFK sound files on older ICOtec callers.

For the best hunting match, MFK and FOXPRO are the best.

In either case, a lot of hunters were happy with the change and have stuck with MFK because FOXPRO is known for making high-quality products and being made in the United States. It could be called a match made in coyote hunting heaven because they are both good at it.

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