I have been listening to good things about Primos Alpha Dogg predator call from my fellow hunter friends for a while so I thought to give it a try and after spending few months with it, here is my deep review of Primos Alpha Dogg Predator calls.

I have tested the Primos Alpha Dogg in all conditions and found out some good things and some flaws in it. You should definitely read my review if you are planning to purchase it.

Primos Alpha Dogg

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  • 81 Preloaded Sound
  • Auxiliary Jack
  • Up to 200 Yards Remote Range

Good Decision to Buy

The Good

  • 81 Preloaded Sound
  • Fully Remote Controlled
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Camouflage Design
  • Loud Sound Output

The Bad

  • Battery Drains Fast

Main Key Features of Primos Alpha Dogg

  • Best Sound Quality: This predator call produces the natural sound of the animals.
  • Connectivity: There are two ports available in the predator call for other device connectivity like with the help of one port, you can connect an external speaker, and with the help of a 3.5mm Auxiliary jack you can connect a decoy.
  • Remote Control: A very easy-to-use graphical interface remote controller. It has a 2.5-inch screen which shows all the functions. Very handy and very easy to use.
  • Animal Sound: Primos Alpha Dogg comes with 81 different sounds. 75 different animal sounds and 6 call sequences which run 30 minutes each.
  • Value For Money: This is one of the best Predator call hunter devices in the market right now.

My Experience With Primos Alpha Dogg Predator Call.

So, after getting a positive response from my fellow hunters about Primos Alpha Dogg. I finally decided to give this game called a try and after spending a quite long time with it, here what I personally think about it.

Primos Alpha Dogg predator call is quite compact and very handy to use because it has a dimension of 10.5 x 6.1 x 7.2 inches and it weighs around 4 pounds. Once it gets folded, it can be easily carried out from one place to another place with the help of the handle on it.

Let me tell you about the speakers now, Primos Alpha Dogg has 2 speakers of 20 watts with a horn in the middle of them which helps to provide a very loud but crystal clear sound that can be audible from a distance of half a mile. The plus point is that you can direct those speakers at full 180 degrees.

Primos Alpha Dogg predator call contains a total of 81 different types of sounds in which you will get 75 different animal sounds and 6 sequences of 30 minutes each. You can increase the number of calls up to 1000 with the help of 2GB of memory card.

The remote control of Primos Alpha Dogg predator call is very compact and easy to use. It has a 2.5-inch display screen which will show all the functions. You can fully control the main unit with help of the remote controller like you can select any calls which you want to play or you can increase or decrease the volume of the current playing call.

In-Depth Primos Alpha Dogg Review

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Primos Alpha Dogg predator game call feels authentic. It’s almost impossible to tell anyone the difference between the real animal sound and the sound coming out of the Primos Alpha Dogg. The sounds coming out of the main unit are very loud, you can actually hear them from a distance of half a mile.


Primos Alpha Dogg predator call has all the necessary connectives options like there are 2 ports given in the main unit. With the help of one port, you can attach another speaker for much louder noise. I don’t think you will need another speaker but in case you need one, you can attach it to the main unit. The second port is an Auxiliary port, which is used to connect a decoy to the main unit for better hunting. Although, you will get a decoy with the Primos Alpha Dogg.

Remote Control

Primos Alpha Dogg’s remote controller is very easy to use. With the help of a 2.5-inch display screen, you can monitor all the activities happening with the main unit.

Animal Sound

You will get a total of 81 different animal sounds. In those 81 sounds, there will be 75 different animal sounds and 6 different sequences for better hunting. If you want more sounds, then you can expand the 85 number to 1000 by adding/downloading more sounds to it. You will get a 2GB memory card which will store all the sounds.

Build Quality

Primos Alpha Dogg’s build quality is quite tough, After using it for several weeks continuously in all circumstances, I personally find it a very high-quality build. There were only a few scratches on the body.

Tripod Mount Feature

Yes, you will get a tripod mount feature in the Primos Alpha Dogg predator call. Not all of the game calls have these features but Primos Alpha Dogg is one of them who have it. Personally, I really find it useful because I have to keep it above the ground at some places.


Primos Alpha Dogg comes with a 1 year of warranty.

Primos Alpha Dogg Rating Bar

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Pros & Cons Of Primos Alpha Dogg Device


  • It has a camouflage design.
  • Powerful speakers.
  • It can store up to 1000 different sound.
  • 81 inbuild sounds.
  • Up to half a mile audible sound.
  • It comes with a tripod mount feature.


  • No decoy comes with the main unit.
  • Batteries drains quite faster on high volume levels.

So, Should You Buy Primos Alpha Dogg?

I think you should definitely consider it. If you are looking for a good budget-friendly predator game call that just does the job then Primos Alpha Dogg can be the perfect choice for you. I barely felt any problem while using it in my hunting sessions.


Primos Alpha Dogg is a good option for me. My hunting fellows was right, it is one of the best predator game calls out in the market. Feel free to share your opinion or ask your queries in the comment section below. I would love to interact with you.

Primos Alpha Dogg Detailed Review

  • Animal Sound Quality
  • Connectivity
  • Build Quality
  • Price


I liked playing with Primos Alpha Dogg. It offers amazing specifications in this price range. If you are planning to buy this predator call, go for it.

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