You can have all the ingredients of cake but if you do not know how to bake a cake you would not be able to make a delicious cake, the same thing applies the Coyote hunting. You can have the best electric Coyote calling device but if you do not know how to use it, you would not be able to catch a single Coyote.

When you’re out CoyoteCalling, take these tips to help you be a successful predator!

But Why Use An Electric Coyote Calling Device?

Some people say catching a Coyote with electronic game calls is cheating but I do not think it is. It needs some skills to catch a Coyote with the device too. There is no guaranteed that you will get a Coyote if you use an electronic Coyote device. I agree our grandfathers used the basic hunting method to catch a Coyote like finding footprints, carcasses with telltale signs of Coyote attack, dropping. They used their knowledge and experience for the hunt.

We are living in the 21st century and we can not afford to have that much patience and skill level like our ancestors for a Coyote because we have other things to do for our survival this is why to cut down that hard thing, we use Coyote calling devices.

Let’s Get Started

In this article, I will provide you some tips for electric Coyote calling devices. I will share my experience with you guys on how to use Coyote calls. These tips may be useful for both beginner and pro hunters. As I have already told above that electric game call devices do not guarantee a 100% hunt they just help you to get a hunt. It’s all about your skills and patience level.

Use The Right Call For Coyote Hunting

You bought the best electric game call from the market and other equipment but what’s next? The device you currently have has more than 50 different animal sounds so which you are gonna use first so you would not mess up the hunt. Don’t know, no worries. I will tell you what game call you need to use first.

See, Coyotes are smart animals and they are always looking for an easy and quick meal. They love to hunt down small animals because they are very easy targets for them. Distress calls work best for Coyotes. There are two types of distress calls you can try, the first one is Coyote calls and the second one is Prey calls.

You can use prey distress calls like rabbit distress calls. Rabbits are easy targets for Coyotes and one of the best food to eat as well. So, if any Coyote around you hear the distress Rabbit call, it will immediately run toward it because they are an easy target for them. If your Coyote calling device can play two sounds at the same time then you can add the Crows sounds along with the rabbit calls, these both sounds will have more impact on the Coyotes to come out of their hidden place. Remember do not keep playing the sounds continuously, Coyotes are smart animals, they will find out it to be a fake.

You can also use the second distress call to attract Coyotes and the second distress call is a Coyote distress call. You can use the female distress call to attract the male distress call or you can use the male distress call to attract the female distress. You can also use a baby Coyote distress call to attract parent coyotes, they will come to rescue or protect the child, and then you will have a clear shot.

You can also use Coyote howls to attract Coyotes. Coyote howls will create curiosity among some Coyotes and the curious Coyotes will definitely come on the field to see what the pack-mate is howling at.

Safety Precautions To Take Before Going For Coyote Hunt

  1. Please do not underestimate Coyotes. They might be dog sized animal but they can be dangerous and also do not forget that there are other animals as well freely roaming around. So, take your safety as your first priority. We have faced some bad incidents because of our stupidity and we do not want that repeats with you as well.
  2. Do not go alone on hunting. You never know what you are going to face. Jungle can be so unpredictable. If you go alone on the hunt and get injured, no one is going to save you but if you are going with your hunting partner or group then there is a chance to save your life.
  3. You must know how to use guns and behavior of wild animals. Do not go for the hunt if you have not passed a gun safety class. Just imagine for a while, you do not know how to properly use a gun and suddenly a deadly animal appear in front of you, what you are gonna do after that?
  4. Always use a good quality of remote controller Coyote device and be quite far from it. This way, you will be safe from deadly animals because you are at the source of the sound and keep an eye everywhere.
  5. Before going for the hunt do some research about the area you are going in. You do not want any deadly animal around you while you are hunting. Contact the area supervisor as well for more information about the field.
  6. Always carry extra items with you. It might be first aid kit, food, camouflage weapons or suit and other things. You do not know what you are gonna encounter there or how long it gonna take to get a Coyote.

Traditional Coyote Calls or Electric Coyote Calls Device: Which One Is The Best?

There are two types to do Coyote hunting. The first type is traditional coyote hunting which our ancestors used to do and still some hunters do in this time and the second type is electric coyote hunting which most people use nowadays. Both types of hunting have different pros and cons and their own perspective. In this article on tips for electronic coyote calling devices, we will look at both ways.

Traditional Coyote Hunting Ways

First, we will discuss traditional Coyote calls. As the name states, our ancestors used this method for Coyotes hunting, and some hunters still follow this method now. In this method, hunters use their mouths to make distress sounds of the animals. In the call, there are special chambers and reeds which vibrate when you blow air into it. When it vibrates, it creates different noises.

If you are willing to use the traditional method for hunting then you should go with some small animal distress calls. You can get these calls online or at Dick’s store and there are a lot of different calls available to choose from. My grandpa used this method so he told me to go with the birds, mice, or rabbit distress call. They always choose the easy target so when they hear about the hurt rabbit call, they will come to see. Do not keep playing the call for a very long time as they will suspect it wrong. Play the call for a while then wait for few minutes and then play it again, this way it will look more natural.

Traditional Coyote Call Pros

  • Traditional Coyote calls has very few pros and the biggest pros is the control you have on it. You are using your own mouth to blow the air in it so you can control the whole functionality instantly. Unlike the electric game calls, in the traditional call, you are the battery, you can make noise as long as you can. You can start the sound and stop the sound immediately which is quite impressive.
  • The second biggest pros of using the traditional method is the volume. It depends on purely yourself. These calls can be so loud but for that you need skills on how to blow in it.

Traditional Coyote Call Cons

  • Traditional method is good but the modern technology is better. Traditional method is an old method so it has limited functionality. The biggest cons of it is safety. In the traditional method, you are the source of the calls, so you are in danger. Think for a second, if you are making the calls and some deadly animal attacks on you. Your safety is in danger.
  • The second cons is, the lack of variety. For different calls you need to have take different devices along with and you are using your mouth to create sound not recording so any type of fumbling while making the sound will destroy your hard work. You know what I want to say here.

Traditional calls are good but I will highly recommend you to switch to the electric game calls, I am going to discuss it below.

Electronic Game Calls Hunting Ways

Your whole work is done by a device, all you have to do is keep looking for the hunt and when you find it, take it down, isn’t it sound great? This is why electronic game calls are good, at least better than Traditional calls. They cost some more bucks as compared to the traditional calls but it is worth it.

Electric calls come with different animal sounds so you can use as many as sound depending on your choice. They have other features too like a waterproofing body, the ability to attach an external speaker for more sound, a decoy attachment feature, and many more. These features make the work effortlessly. This is why most of the people use the electric game calls including our whole Coyote hunting team and other hunters around the country.

Electric Game Call Pros

  • The first best thing which I liked the most about the electric game call over the traditional call is all in one package. You do not need many device for many sounds, you can have only one device and have several sounds in it. Most of the electric game call device comes with at least 10 different animal sounds and you can add more if you want more sounds.
  • The second best thing about the electric game call is the remote controller. You can control the main unit with just a remote. You do not need to sit closer the main unit to get the hunt. Most of the electric game call’s remote control has a very good range so you can sit safely far from the device. You are not the source of the sound so you are safe.
  • The third best thing about the electric game call device is, it does all the chores work like you can play any sound as long as you want and as many as you want. You can increase the volume of the sound and lower the volume whenever you want and you can do all these tasks with the help of the remote control.
  • Features like decoy attachment and tripod mount are also available in some electric game calls to make your hunting easier. These features enhance your hunting ability, they are like your helping hands in the field which lacks in the traditional calls.
  • Now, let’s talk about the pricing of these electric game calls, there are lots of electric game calls in the market that comes in a large price variant. You can get amazing electric game call under $100 or you can buy yourself a $500 electric game call which is no more than a little tank.

Electric Game Call Cons

It’s not like that the electric game call has only benefits and no downside. It also has some cons which I am going to address here.

  • Sometimes you miss the shot. Yeah, we call it a ‘tactical’ problem. You are sitting quite far away from the main unit so it is normal to miss the shot. It happens with me, my hunting team and almost everybody who use electric game calls very often.
  • The second cons is also related to the first cons. You are sitting far away from the main unit so your line of the sight is not clear so it gets hard to get a perfect shot of the Coyote. Sometime, you attract other animals as well who is not in your hunting list.

I could only find out these two cons of the electric game calls. Overall, the electric game call device is way better than the usual traditional calls.


Guys, I have used both traditional and electric Coyotes calling devices. I haven’t personally used the traditional calls but I used to go with my grandpa for the Coyote hunting and saw him using the traditional way so I am pretty much aware of how he works. I will highly recommend you to go with the electric game call device because it has more features and is way more simple to use than the traditional calls.

Feel free to ask me in the comment section below if you have any issues or queries regarding the tips for electronic coyote calling devices., I would love to solve that for you.

Happy Hunting!

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