Once I was a noob in hunting, my fellows hunters taught me a lot about hunting Coyotes in the day and well at night and gave me few basic strategies on hunting and I kept practicing and practicing and those techniques, and I got better every time. So, if you are also facing trouble hunting Coyote at night then do not worry. I am here to help you.

I am writing this article on how to hunt Coyotes at night where I will share some basic but effective hunting Coyotes at night. Hunting Coyotes in the day can be totally different from hunting Coyotes at night. Just follow these Coyote hunting techniques in your hunting and your odds of hunting Coyote will increase.

How To Call and Hunt Coyotes At Night (10 Effective Tips)

#1. Try Using An Electric Game Call

Gone are the days when we used our mouths to create sound and attract Coyotes. This is a very tiring process and it can harm you because you are the source of the sound and mostly predators directly attack the sound. Also, you can not focus on your hunt if you keep yourself busy in creating sounds.

So, if you are not using an electric game call then buy one and start using it. These game calls are very effective and specially made for hunting. They have many features like:

  • High quality different animal sounds
  • Hundreds of extremely loud animal sounds
  • Decoy supports
  • Remote Controller supports
  • Camouflage Design

These features make an electric game call, a highly recommended tool for Coyote hunting. Predator game call devices increase the chances of hunting down Coyotes. So, I will highly recommend you guys to stop using your mouth for creating sound and energy or you will get tired of it and start using an electric game call.

#2. Have a Lots Of Patience

Please do not expect to see or hunt down a Coyote after 5 minutes of spending in the field. I used to do the same mistake but my hunting friends told me to have patience. If you can not keep patience then you would be never able to become a good hunter. It took me time to get into it but I finally understood the benefits of having patience in the field.

As you might know, Coyote is more active at night as compared today and they have better sight and hearing ability than us. So, if you are not unable to see any Coyote calls after spending hours waiting then keep patience they will show up. They usually do not ignore distress calls. Some Coyotes come real quick, others take time. All you have to do is just choose a good hunting spot, stay silent, and still.

At the starting of my hunting phase, I also used to change the hunting spot quite often which result I did not catch any Coyotes. So, my friends, suggested I do not change my area often, choose an area, and stick with it. Sooner or later, you will get to see Coyotes.

In short, you have to follow these steps to have better luck in Coyote hunting:

#3. How To Use Electric Game Calls

This is the very important tip of hunting Coyote at night I am going to share with you. Winds play a major role in hunting. We always check wind-flowing direction and wind speed before starting our hunt. Calm winds are preferred for the best hunting and at the night, winds are almost calmer in the night because the sound waves travel faster than usual. You have to keep the volume high enough to be heard by the Coyotes but remember that the volume should not loud enough to be heard by the other animals otherwise they will find your hiding spot and may attack you as well.

You can not use any animal sound and expect to see a Coyote near you. You have to use a specific animal sound. I usually start from few howls and then slowly moves to the distress sound. In this method, I prefer to catch the Coyotes and I have caught few ones. You can also follow this method just do not go with any random animal sounds.

I used to do this mistake a lot until my friends told me to not do that. I used to keep playing the animal sounds in the loop, I mean my electric game calls never used to stop, the sound used to play continuously without any break which is a very bad move. Always try to make one call at one time then wait for few minutes, analyze the surroundings if you do not see any Coyotes around you after waiting for minutes then go with another round. Do not keep playing the animal sounds in the loop and for long.

#4. Camouflage Suits and Equipment

I can say this was the biggest mistake I have done in my starting Coyote hunting journey. I used to wear bright color clothes without thinking about the camouflage thing. I mean predators have high vision than any human being and they can clearly see our us and our equipment. So, without having camouflage suits or equipment I was just wasting my time and energy on the field.

So, my friend highly recommended I should wear camouflage suits and have to keep camouflage equipment. You guys might be thinking the same thing which I used to think “I do not need a suit, I can get Coyotes without wearing a proper suit and having proper equipment”. If you do not use a camouflage suit, your chances of getting a hunt would be dramatically decreased. So, always try to wear lightweight, quality camouflage suits which are suitable for night hunting as well. Also, wear gloves and silent shoes as well. It will protect you in the field, you do not know what attacks or stings you in the night. Try to consider a suit that does not pick up dirt easily or you have to clear it every single time and must be of high quality so they do not get tear up easily.

#5. Search For A Good Location

I will always recommend you to do some research on a particular location before going for the hunt. You do not even know if there are Coyotes on the location where you are going for the hunt. I have always done some research on a location before going for the hunt and the results were positive. If you do not do some research, you will not find any hunt there, it would be a total waste of your time and effort.

You can search for a good location like this, you can go one or two days before to a particular location where you want to hunt. You can analyze the area with the help of some gears.

See, Coyotes are abundant in some areas, and in some areas, you would not find a single Coyote. So, it is highly recommended to all of us do some research and then hunt them down. A good hunt depends on several conditions and having proper knowledge of the hunting area is a very good sign of a positive hunt.

#6. Coyote Hunting Rules and Regulations

Knowing Coyote hunting rules and regulations of the state you are hunting in is a must thing. Few states do not allow Coyote hunting at the night, they only allow day hunting, and few states allow night Coyote hunting. So, before going for the hunt in the night make sure, it is allowed in the night.

#7. Best Position Of Hunting (Sitting Or Standing Up)

This is an interesting point to remember. Should we standing up or sitting down while hunting Coyotes in the night or day? I would say it depends, sometimes, you need to stand up to get your hunt, and sometimes you need to sit down to get your hunt. Let’s understand both scenarios.

Standing up for Coyote hunting in the night gives you a better view of the Coyote’s positions and you can also check your surrounding areas for a better knowledge around yourself like no other harmful animal is around you.

You can not stand the whole time for your hunt. It would be exhausting and you will get tired soon and as a result, you would not be able to focus more on your hunt. You can change your position of standing up and sitting down from time to time.

Keeping your Coyote electric game call at the right position also affects your hunting. You can not keep your game call at any position, if you place the game call at a good position, your chances of hunting a Coyote increases so what is the best position to keep a game call for a good view? I would say put your game call below the area from which you are going to fire your shot.

#8. Increase Your Coyote Hunting Chances By Not Using Of Light

It may sound stupid, I mean how can a hunter hunt if he is not able to see anything in the night but this is the trick of better hunting and increasing the hunt chances if you use no artificial lights. It may be tough to see in the night but once you get used to it, you would be unstoppable.

You can do Coyote hunting on the full moon and to know when the full moon is going to appear, you need to follow the moon phases. If you are on a night hunt on a full moon in a clear sky above you, you can see the Coyotes and their movements quite easily from a long distance and when they come closer to you, you can shoot them down.

Coyotes are more active at the night and if you know where they gather during the night, you can get closer to them before their gathering and can play your shoot but do not get much closer to their gathering location or your small movement will alert them and they might run away from you. Remember, their abilities to see and listen are far better than us and it is the night we are talking about when they are more active and the night is usually more silent than the day.

Also, do not forget to wear your camouflage suit, gloves and using your camouflage game call or other equipment.

#9. The Best Weather or Season For Nighttime Coyotes Hunting

Coyotes are active in all seasons. There is no specific weather or season for hunting them down. They are always active so you can hunt them in any weather or season. There is very low competition in the summer season, so your chances of getting a good amount of Coyote hunt increases.

You can also go for Coyote hunting in the winter weather or late fall if you are looking for fur because these times are the best for getting fur. As the winter is very popular for Coyote hunting, more people also come in action, so you will have more competition in the winter season as compared to the summer season.

You can also choose the snow season for Coyote hunting. Snows are white in color which will help to get a clear shot at Coyotes. In snow, you can see their footprint as well which you can take advantage of.

#10. Hunting Alone Or With A Group

According to my experience, you should not go Coyote hunting at the night alone. You do not know what comes in your setup area, it could be a Coyote or other harmful animals too. It is night and at night animals are more active than in the day.

Always go with 2 to 3 people on hunting. It will increase your chances of the hunt and you will be safe as well. And hunting is all about waiting and patience so if you go with 2 to 3 people, you would not feel bored.


If you apply these steps to your Coyote hunting at the night, you will see some good results. Remember, Coyote hunting at the night is more dangerous than hunting Coyotes in the day. You will face difficulties in the starting because of the lack of light, there might be some other animals roaming as well. So, you have to be more careful but once you master these techniques, you would be unstoppable.

I really hope my experienced guide on how to catch or hunt Coyotes at night helps you. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions or concerns about this topic in the comment section below. I would love interacting with you guys and try my best to give a proper response.

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